June 23, 2018 Tree Pruning – Basic Things You Should Know About Cutting Down Branches

Tree Pruning – Basic Things You Should Know About Cutting Down Branches

Planting trees has a lot of benefits. Not only do trees offer protection to your property against the strong winds and other environmental elements, but they also lower the temperature around the property. However, the growth rate of different trees usually varies; some grow very big very quickly, while others tend to take years before a small plant blossoms into a large tree. You will need to cut down the dead branches and prune the trees from time to time to ensure that they grow up in a proper manner.

Tree pruning services in Perth is a common service offered by a number of different companies. Trying to prune the trees by yourself is a bad idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in doing so. Some branches hang really high, and climbing up without adequate support is like inviting injuries. Instead, it’s better if you call a professional to prune the tree branches. Here are some basic things that you should know about cutting down tree branches.

Specialised Equipment is Used

You can’t use conventional cutters in order to bring down the tree branches. Instead, when you call a tree pruning company, they will bring specialised equipment, ranging from electrical chainsaws to sharp blades and cutters in order to remove the dead branches. Conventional cutters are often not as resilient or as powerful, and are likely to break into two if you apply excessive pressure. To make matters easier, many companies use specialised equipment that helps in quickly cutting down the trees.

Booking a Pruning Service

If you want to call a tree pruning company to your place, you can search online for different companies in your area that provide such services. Contact the company and explain to them the kind of work that you want done. The trees can be pruned in a way that produces a different profile or even shapes as well, so it’s important that you discuss your requirements with the company first. They will also send an employee to your place in order to check the trees that need to be pruned before giving you an estimate. Most companies usually have a fixed pricing policy, so it’s not like you will have to pay more than what’s mentioned unless there are considerably more trees.

Cutting Down a Tree

Pruning and cutting down a tree are two different things. If you want to cut down a tree on your property, the company will first need to create a feasibility study in order to determine how the trees need to be cut down to minimise the damage to the surroundings.