November 1, 2018 The Place of Antiques in Our Modern Society

The Place of Antiques in Our Modern Society

An antique object is defined as being created or manufactured a long time ago. It could be something that your forefathers passed down to each generation, finally finding its way into your hands. It can take place in many forms such as: furniture, paintings, lightings, sculptures (works of art), and even wine bottles. An antique normally has a historical significance to it. It could be a simple gift such as a watch from your grandfather, or even a brass teapot handed down from generation to generation.

Utilising antiques in your personal space

Every homeowner has a different perception of how their home should be like. While there are modern design themes such as: Scandinavian, Modern, and even Zen, there are certain design themes which allow an antique object to fall perfectly in place. Such themes could include: Victorian, Gothic, Baroque, etc. Companies that deal with antiques in Australia often have objects that are intricately carved (with detailed finishings), to increase the monetary value of it, or even to distinguish it from other time periods.

The value of antiques

The true monetary value of an antique can never be decided upon. While a price can be set and valued at a certain amount, it is always on the buyer to appreciate the intrinsic beauty and the value of it. The more historical significance an antique has, the higher its value. For example, a piece of jade from burial tombs in China would be worth more than a jade that was passed down from your parents.

Where to find antiques

Antiques can be found in a variety of places such as: flea market, shops that specialise in antique collection and restoration, a sale from a personal collection, online marketplaces, and even auctions. You might probably be able to find the best deals at flea markets as there is always somebody who is out there to make a quick buck off their so called ‘junk’. An auction house would be the costliest option to obtain an antique as only the finest and rarest pieces are sold there.

Replica antiques

A piece of genuine antique can be worth a bomb, and it is always the well-heeled investors who are paying a large amount of money for them. The less costly antique pieces might be affordable to the masses. But if you are on a tight budget, you could consider purchasing objects that resemble the real thing. To the untrained eye, it could probably pass off as the real McCoy. On a side note, a replica has no genuine value in it and may even cost next to nothing if you are trying to sell it off, unlike the real article that has genuine value in it.

In some bizarre cases, some ancient antiques found in your attic or storeroom with a layer of dust on it could be your next lucky break in life. While it is uncommon, there are cases of people striking it rich after realising that the old rusty object they thought was junk, was actually a pot of gold they had been sitting on all along. You could always try your luck and bring it to an expert to identify it, or even offload your antique furniture to shops where they might take it in for a price.