December 16, 2018 Removing the Thorn from Your Side (And: Why Electrolysis Hair Removal Is Better Than Laser Treatments

Removing the Thorn from Your Side (And: Why Electrolysis Hair Removal Is Better Than Laser Treatments

Hair growth is an inborn heritable characteristic that humans have had for aeons upon aeons, but this follicular trait can be aroused and distressed by an immeasurable potpourri of factors:

  • Any pills, medicaments, prescription lozenges, stimulants, or alternative drugs you ingest routinely, including your intake of vitamins or lack thereof.
  • The manual hair removal practises you apply each week, such as razor shaving, uprooting with tweezers, hot wax, and so on.
  • Your deep-seated hormonal vacillations, endocrine activity, and pituitary function.
  • Your susceptivity to traumatic emotive states, stressful situations, alimentary paucities, and anxiety.

For these reasons and more, hair control is an explicitly dreary and time-consuming inconvenience for both males and females, which is why Australians are herding to their local dermal health centres to effectuate long-lasting liberation from the blight of cantankerous follicles.

The two most sought-after procedures are electrolysis and laser hair removal, so let’s cover each one with a compare and contrast approach.

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers were originally engineered during the 1960s for industrial commitments, but it only took about two decades for them spread to the private and commercial sector. By the 1980s, eradicating birthmarks and imbedded skin blemishes became possible with augmented laser energy, which led to the invention of the pulsed diode array laser and, ultimately, hair removal technology.

From a per-treatment price perspective laser hair removal is ostensibly reasonable and the technique can target large areas without trouble, but it can’t be characterised as permanent or everlasting.

Laser-operated tactics basically wage a war of attrition against your hair shafts. Successive applications are generally unavoidable, and it can take a long period of time – up to a year or more – to achieve a silky, hair-free appearance.

Slowly and steadily, across several interspersed treatments, the laser waves wear down the vitality of your follicles and ultimately cause them to die off and cease regenerative processes.


When matched up with the hundred-year history of electrolysis utilisation, laser hair removal is still essentially in its infancy stage.

By and large, this follicle elimination strategy has been around for so long and deemed to be so productive that various regulatory bodies around the world have judged it to be the only permanent hair removal method in existence.

Electrolysis hair removal in Perth takes a bit longer than laser procedures because it hones in on individual follicles as opposed to localised surface areas, but no other therapy is on par with the upshots of this method.

Whether you’re pursuing a whisker-less upper lip, tonsured underarms, or perpetually clean-shaven legs, electrolysis can affirm eternal hairlessness for all hair colours, follicular comportments, and skin sensitivities.

There aren’t any permanent side effects to remark on and absolutely no bleaches, chemicals, or inorganic substances are included within the prognosis, but your clinician might divide up your electrolysis treatments and spread out your sessions across a few appointments to palliate skin redness. This is a ubiquitous precautionary measure that’s utilised when applying electrolysis removals on larger areas, but if you’re just addressing a small section – such as your chin – chances are that you’ll only have to tangle with a lone sitting.