January 26, 2019 Do You Want to Tile Your Roof?

Do You Want to Tile Your Roof?

Tile is an excellent material to use on a roof. However, you must make sure that your structure can support the load, as tiles are heavier than most roofing materials. When tile is used, it usually is made of clay – a heavy material that may require more reinforcement structurally. Because of innovations, however, you can also purchase tile roofing products that do not need extra reinforcement.

While many homeowners like the looks of original tiles, you can also buy replications of tile in form of slates, wood shingles, and shakes. You can also choose from a wide range of colours, ranging from red to mossy green, sea blue, or driftwood.

A Weather-Resistant Roofing Material

Besides its aesthetic appeal and very long life, a tile roof also performs better in the Australian climate. As you know, Sydney receives its fair share of wind and rain. Therefore, you want to make sure your roof stands up to the climate. Tile roofs, in general, resist attacks from a variety of weather conditions, including hail, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. They also resist fires well, which can cut what you pay in homeowners cover.

According to roof tilers in Sydney, tile roofs help you save on the costs of heating or cooling your home. Therefore, your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and use less fuel or electricity. You can also find a number of accessories for a tile roof installation. These charming add-ons include cloaked attic vents or bird stops.

A Look of Prestige

When you roof a home or business with tile, you give it a prestige appearance. Therefore, this type of upgrade is a great one to choose if you want to renovate your home. Prospective buyers often are sold on buying a house by the tile alone.

However, you still have to be aware of some of the drawbacks. The cost of installing a tile roof may be cost-prohibitive to some buyers. When you compare the cost of installing a tile roof with adding shingles, the difference is rather steep (no pun intended).

Nevertheless, your tile roof will last much longer than a shingled covering. Also, a tile roof lasts, comparatively, about as long as slate. In either case though, you need to watch out for breakage. That is why some types of tile need to be structurally reinforced.

A Better Roofing Product

After you examine the positives and negatives and adding tile, you will be convinced that the positives outweigh the negatives. If you are seeking a good value, an excellent return on your investment, and lower heating and cooling bills, you need to further review the benefits of tile. Even if you cannot afford a tile roof now, you can save for the future. Doing so will give you the confidence needed to make an upgrade that will prove to be as practical as it is rewarding. Go online today, and review the tile roofing services of local contractors in your area.

Also, check out the other roofing services offered by the company. Make sure that you are dealing with a full-service business – a one go-to source for all your roofing needs.