September 24, 2018 A Lifetime Solution to Roofing: Why Slate is the Best-Rated Material

A Lifetime Solution to Roofing: Why Slate is the Best-Rated Material

In its original form, slate is essentially a uniform stone material that contains mica, pyrite, quartz, and several other stable elements. Slate is a very unique building material because it is extremely tough and stout, but it is also distinctly malleable in terms of its capacity to be cleaved into thin, homogenous sheets without losing any of its intrinsic qualities or strength rating.

In this regard, you probably didn’t know that slate is actually a historically significant construction material that was first utilised approximately 1,000 years ago, primarily on castles, fortresses, and archaic citadels.

When early architects and builders first recognised the durable yet workable composition of slate, they began implementing custom cut sheets as rugged flooring decks and to reinforce various walls and internal partitions; however, it’s worth noting that this particular material is best suited for roofing, which is why it didn’t take long for European nobles and aristocrats to begin requesting slate roof tiles for their manors and chateaus.

What’s So Great about Slate?

There is a never-ending stream of questions that come into play when attempting to hone in on the most appropriate roofing material for your property.

What is its projected lifespan? Does it come with a hefty price tag? Is it desirable from an aesthetic point of view? Will my building’s framework be able to support the burden of the tiles? Is the installation process relatively straightforward, or will I have to spend an arm and a leg on labour fees?

With these queries in mind, it’s important to note that slate roofing in Sydney can pass the eye test and buy test with flying colours:

  • Price Versus Inherent Worth: The first thing that you have to know about slate tiles is that they are slightly more expensive than alternative roofing shingles or sheets, such as metal, terracotta, asphalt, and concrete, but slate is unsurpassed in terms of bang for your buck.
  • Permanence and Resilience: In glaring juxtaposition to virtually every other roofing option, slate can tout a fundamental lifetime guarantee with regard to its functional endurance. As long as they are processed, cut, and installed appropriately, slate tiles can continue to be useful for more than 90 years without yielding to any form of climatic decay, rot, or disrepair.
  • Optical Appeal: Slate also comes in countless colour combinations and grain compositions, with the most sought-after iterations being Welsh, Spanish, Canadian, and composite constructs, but you can also opt for slate-like monier elemental materials if you’d like to affect a modernised visage.
  • Weight: Irrespective of how robust your home’s substructure and skeleton happens to be, a knowledgeable roofer will be able to find a way to apply and individualised slate solution.

Industry analysts have also determined that slate is completely non-permeable, flame resistant, rainproof, and unaffected by intense gales and prolonged UV exposure.

Who Should I Contact for a Slate Roofing Assessment?

Most NSW roofers are able to source and install slate tiles, but it’s in your best interests to link up with a company that focuses exclusively on slate work.

It’s the difference between visiting a general practitioner and partnering with a specialist that has spent years concentrating on an intricate practice, which will empower you to diminish material acquisition fees, slash the hourly labour rates, and, most vitally, evade the typical snags and hitches that tend to surface during complex slate roofing implementations.